Samstag, 4. Juni 2011


The „He said/She said – tales“ (Mai - Oktober 2010)
He said: Real fun is putting out the fire with gasoline. She said: Childplay.
He said:  I actually believe there is our twin earth on the other side of universe. I am the opposite there. Ugly, dumb and real happy.
He said: Sweet dreams from the God killer.
(Long silence)
She said: This time I won´t come back. He said: There´s always another wave.
(Silence again.)
He said. I´m the one who knows what swings you. She said: Come on, babe.
He said: I´m your hero. She said: Well...
He said: All you need is love. She said: Lover boy.
He said: I gonna make sure I´m the centre of all your problems, Mylady. She said: Don´t try to solve the problem. Be part of it.
He said: That´s the saddest story. She said: We´re repeating it over and over.
(Long silence.)
He said: I´ll drop dead if you... She said: What?
He said: Fuck them all. She said: I wish your dreams would come true and your art sell.
He said: Gimme your hand. Gimme your mouth. Gimme your heart and soul. She said: It´s been yours. For ever and a day.
He said: Demoralised? Detached? Devastated? Desolate? Despairing? Detested? Distraught? Well, so you should be. Reality, the Lost Paradise!
She said: Why do you hurt me all the time? He said: Because I can. 
(Serial killer)
She said: Sentenced to death: I will always love you. He said: Right.
He said: You never understand. Lovers can´t become friends. She said: Why not?
(Long silence)
She said: Will you still love me when you´re old? He said: I love you and you´re old. Sorry, love.
She said: I wanted to scream but nothing came out. He said: Here we go again. Sweetie.
He said: I suffer from clinical depression. I don´t like that. She said: Baby, I know. I know.

...and while the black knight kisses her softly and whispers "My lovely..." she´s still longing for the wolf to eat her up...


  1. Das habe ich very amused gelesen, fragte mich allerdings, was 'a twitter novel' wohl bedeute. Eine Zahl (160) oder etwas, das mir verborgen blieb?

  2. Jede He/she said- Zeile war ein Twitter-Eintrag - von Mai bis Oktober 2010. Nur die Zwischentexte (kursiv) sind "neu".