Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

A feminism of desire

"A feminism of desire would fit me, I think, like a corset. Instead of wondering why I´m corseted in the first place, and whether others have to wear a corset or what a corset means, or how I might remove it, I could instead focus on the intensity of sensation afforded by the constraint, becoming increasingly aware of the boundaries of my own body. A feminism of desire would hold me together, prop me up, cinch me in between thick pieces of social fabric, gross-grain ribbons pulled taut. With it, I could get a better sense of where I begin and end, what I am up against and what is beyond my ability to change as a single body in the world"

Jennifer Lutzenberger: Cutting, Craving & the Self I Was Saving, in: 
Merri Lisa Johnson:  JANE SEXES IT UP. True confessions of a feminist desire.

(Ich kann es nicht lassen: Während ich JANE SEXES IT UP wieder lese, Textauszüge hier als "Worte des Tages" einzustellen. Dieses Buch fasziniert mich auf so vielen Ebenen, gibt mir Anlass zum Nachdenken und wirkt befreiend, weil es die Vielfalt weiblichen Begehrens ausbreitet.)

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