Dienstag, 22. Juni 2010

Lektüren: Worte des Tages

Janet Frame: Poems

Mr Universe

The speak-and-run murderer is at large
as his own victim.
In the newspapers and the comic strips
the panic balloons are rising like flares from his lips
in deadly simple navigation to express
his need, his pain and cold:
Help, Ouch, Br-r-r.

He is Mr Universe of the gonging biceps.
His brute head when the swarm of thought is over wears
the whistling helmet of an empty hive.
And soon, they say, his body as the whipped steed
of cylinders will ride to neigh at the moon
his need his pain and cold
- Help, Ouch, Br- r-r--
in secret hope of answer.

2 Kommentare:

  1. Danke für diese Tür in Janet Frames Welt! Obwohl mich, lesend, selbst in der Hitze hier ein Schauer überläuft.

  2. Ja, liebe Phyllis, sie kann alles: schaudern machen, lachen, weinen, hassen, lieben, denken - Sie kommt immer so "harmlos" daher, Miss Frame, - und dann - dreht sie die Worte dahin, wo´s einen ergreift.