Freitag, 18. Februar 2011


"By having fucked and been fucked by men, identifying with the feminine and placing within brackets my own relationship to normative masculinity, I inhabit my body as a daily disruption to dominant notions of gender. Crucially, though, my resistance to heterosexist culture is undermined by the eroticization of normative masculine behaviour I am confessing here. By revealing this fetish for traditional masculinity, I hope only to carve new cultural space for feminists - hetero and queer - to wrestle with our most unspeakable desires, to bring the force to queer and feminist theory to bear on the concrete moments and practices in individual lives that dramatize the process of political consciousness settling through the layers of sexual desire."
Geoffrey Saunders Schramm: The absolute true confessions of Boy Jane, Dick Lover

"Only women can liberate other women; only women´s voices grant permission to be sexual, to be free to be anything we want, when enough of us tell one another it is okay."

Nancy Friday: Women on Top: How Real Life has changed Women´s Fantasies

JANE SEXES IT UP. True confessions of Feminist Desire, edited by Merri Lisa Johnson, € 13,99

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