Montag, 9. Januar 2012

I DO NOT DENY THE SUN (by Janet Frame)

9. Januar 2012 17: 38: Feier-Abend
I do not deny the sun
that denies me.
I leave the door open,
wheat on the table,
apples in the pantry.
I was warned from the first hour
that the sun did not care,
tearing seasons with his tongue
while maudlin snow ran down his cheeks;
that he snored in a deep white bed
and waking did not as we do
- tell his dreams and embrace callers.

Nichts hält mich hier, außer
deiner Zunge an der Innenseite
meiner Wange, deine Hand
auf meinem Schenkel,
die Nachtwachen am Tag,
die Träume vom Schnee,
der nicht vergeht.
Ich glaube nicht an die Sonne.)