Montag, 11. März 2013

Keine Schubladen: SOME DO NOT FIT

"Tell me about Coco Jeffreys", said Iris. "I believe you and he are great friends."
"Yes, we are friends", I began.
"But not lovers, I imagine. No, not that obviously! What is Coco exactly? - I mean, sexually."
"Well, nothing, really", I said.
"He must be something". A note of irritation had now come to Iris´s voice - irritation and impatience at my ignorant stupidity.
"You mean hetero or homosexual?"
"Of course that´s what I mean", she mocked. "Surely you must know."
"We never talked about it. In any case, are people classified as simply as that? Some people just love themselves."

Barbara Pym: An Academic Question

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